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Six years ago, PSAC travelled to the community of Grassy Narrows to film Thirsty for Justice and demand safe water in First Nations communities.

Today, thousands still lack access to safe, clean water.

We’re Still Thirsty For Justice.

The Still Thirsty for Justice campaign is PSAC’s second public-facing national water campaign demanding water justice. We consulted with Indigenous communities, organizations and individuals, to develop a campaign that advocates for safe, clean water for all people in Canada by holding the federal government accountable to its promise to end long-term drinking water advisories.

We will share water stories from people who are affected by drinking water advisories and threats to water from across this land, including water justice advocates, PSAC members’ communities, as well as the general public. It’s an opportunity to learn about the issue, become more familiar with water justice work, and join and support the movement to protect our right to safe, clean water.

The campaign builds on four key themes:

Water is

Clean water is at risk due to corporate pollution across Canada. Ensuring Indigenous communities have autonomy over their lands is an important part of the solution.

Water is

Water is essential to sustaining our lives and our communities. We have a responsibility to be its stewards with the guidance of Indigenous Peoples.

Water is

Water is a public good, not a commodity — we require adequately funded infrastructure to allow communities to maintain their own safe, clean water supply.

Water is
a human

Access to clean and safe drinking water for all is not optional — this is a fundamental human right.