Clean water
is a human right

Send a letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, his Minister of Crown-Indigenous Relations Gary Anandasangaree, his water advisor, M.P. Terry Duguid and to your MP demanding they keep their promise to ensure access to safe, clean water across every community in this country.

We need your help to pressure the federal government to take urgent action, not only to end all long-term water advisories as they promised in 2015, but to ensure clean water for all.

Clean water is a human right, yet right now, hundreds of communities across the country still don’t have access to safe, clean water and the majority of these are Indigenous communities. 

Many communities don’t have sufficient funding to properly train the water treatment plant personnel or to run the appropriate infrastructures. Not every community has access to public water systems; many rely on wells and cisterns and the government excludes these sources in their reporting, so the numbers we see are likely under-reported. 

Corporate pollution, inadequate filtration and repair, and environmental factors can all result in hundreds of thousands of people being exposed to unsafe or even poisoned water supplies.

Communities including Grassy Narrows and Samson Cree Nation have faced this crisis for far too long. 

Enough is enough.